Monday, July 30, 2012


LOTUS has some pretty cool stuff. like this simple thing... the corkcicle. basically a one-size fits all cork with a gel stem that you freeze an put inside your wine bottle to keep it chilled. think about the possibilities! i did. so i decided to give it a test. not just a test though... an extreme test.

first off, it was designed to be used with wine. so obviously i got a bottle of rum. the single barrel of course. froze them both. 

plug it in, plug it in. 

 right. ready to roll. just a few beauty shots before we leave. yes... leave. as in leave the cool house. i did say it was extreme.

oh yeah. almost forgot to mention that i had to take a little bit out to compensate. i only needed to take out a little less than a drink, but hey, why go half way right?

sure the corkcicle would work in a nice cool air conditioned house, but what about somewhere outside in the blazing sun? like aranguez savannah for example.

i found a nice spot...

and called in muh boy MICHAEL for some back up. 

more back up. 

 so the rum stayed cold up until this point, which was probably about 1 hour after removing it from the freezer. 

the drinks were just cool now rather than cold. i like my single barrel cold.

 thanks to the friendly neighborhood snowcone man, we kept the party goin beyond the test.

so much so that some cricket ended up in the mix. 

at the end of the day, judging from the extreme conditions, the corkcicle seems to be handy. it wouldn't replace your cooler if you're heading outdoors, but it would keep your wine chilled nicely. and it should be golden inside on a cool sunday. nice find.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


"If you in town today, Q, pass by my office fuh sump'n" is not a wall post you come across everyday on facebook. neither is a steam baked sesame flaxseed loaf. so when i arrived at the collection point, got the brown paper bag from my friend LISA and took a whiff of the tasty goodness, i started to wonder "what do you do with a steam baked sesame flax seed loaf? ah mean yes it's bread, but it just doesn't look like you should be putting a slice of cheese between it just like that if yuh know what ah mean?

so i opened my fridge to find some inspiration. what if i seasoned up some minced beef with fresh green seasoning, onion, hot pepper and garlic?

and what if i put that in a pot and added a lil more heat to it with pepper flakes and chili garlic sauce?

what if i added some pigeon peas to stretch the niceness? just recently i tried some pigeon peas in a dish with minced beef and i wanted to try it again. good opportunity i'd say.

and what if i added some mushrooms too? because mushrooms are good.

how about some tomato sauce to bring everything together? why not?

but back to the bread. how about i drizzle some slices with some olive oil...

and toast them so they're nice and crispy.

then how about if i put the minced beef on the slices and top them with olives and parmesan cheese?

ans=something tasty. 
thanks LISA for the challenge. i think justice was done.