Sunday, April 17, 2011

grill lime FTW

it's safe to say that we have given in to the pre-packaged lime. we used to enjoy kentucky fried once a month (when yuh mother dragged you in town on a month end and promised you a box of chicken an chips just to keep yuh quiet). now almost all our social moves are based on the availability of a doubles man, gyro stand, bake and shark stall or cutters menu. ah mean, i love a sushi at levels or kaisan as much as the other dude, but i am yet to experience something that beats back the fun, excitement, economy, security and hygienic safety of a bess lime at a breddrin's house. so when pothound said he wanted to fire up his new grill, my saturday night was planned.

the case is usually that you bring something. no pressure really. whatever you feel like. just make it good enough to eat and enough to share. i was talking to my father earlier that day about grilling fish, so i went home and took some swordfish steaks out of the freezer.

when it comes to fish, lime is a must. i forgot to pick limes while i was at my parent's house, so i used some of this handy lime juice in de lime shaped bottle. it aight in emergencies such as these.

lime juice in dey waist!!

seasoning is also key. so in the trusty chopper i blazed some onion, garlic, shadon beni, pimiento, jalapeƱo, big leaf time and chive.

inside wid dat!!

after that, a little salt and black pepper to taste.

full coverage we dealin with.

ready to rock and roll. i covered it with two pieces of foil just in case i decided to wrap the fish in foil instead of putting it directly on the grill. options we talkin' 'bout.

so later on we pulled up at casa de pothound, who had his stuff ready and waiting.

he didn't waste any time in getting the grill ready. out with them coals.

let's see how sure fire these coals really are.

one match and the coals started. way different from the last time we grilled.

however, alco on hand was not different from the last time we grilled. tonight gin and tonic with a splash of lime... yes... that is the drink.

fiiiiiyuuuuuh!! these coals are coated with a chemical to make them light quickly, so the thing to do is to let the chemical burn off before getting your food on.

meanwhile, some potatoes went to boil.

not this potato though. this one went to bake.

oh... maybe i should explain the scene a bit. the grill man for the night set up a hot zone with the coals on one side and left the opposite side with only ambient heat so we had different temperatures on the grill. so potatoes could bake in one corner while meats could go over the blazing heat.

meanwhile we constructed a bbq sauce with some ketchup, worcestershire sauce, the end of a bottled bbq sauce with some onions, garlic, salt and black pepper. simple but effective.

oh yeah... and the first part of that beer that baidawi finished.

with the sauce done, it was time to get it blazin'.

the first of the meats to grace the hot zone.

so the idea was to cook the chicken a little,

then dip them in the sauce.

then back to the hot zone to finish off and get some colour. some corn went on around this time too. pothound shared a simple technique that just required wetting the corn and rubbing it with some salt before putting it on the lower temperature to start cooking.

thanks to some seamless multitasking, the potatoes were mashed with a little butter, sour cream, salt, pepper and chives. we did it rustic with the skins in. man food nah.

after the chicken, we put on some more coals for more blaze. don't worry, the corns returned also.

so steaks on high heat, corn still on low heat for now.

but slowly the tables started to turn.

soon the corn was in the hot seat getting some charing while the steaks looked on.

notice the potato still jibbin there in the foil.

we threw some wings on there too.

when they were done, pothound flipped them in some wing sauce and put them back on the grill for a bit.

time for the fish... and a few pineapple slices for good measure.

not too long in the hot zone. didn't want it to be too dry.


and that was it. chicken breast, chicken wing, a steak, fish with a side of mashed potatoes and a side of corn. level eats, level drinks, level lime. on a saturday night, that's all the level i really need.

leh we bubble.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

the cookie conundrum

i CANNOT bake. i mean the thought of making a bread is enough to make me curl up in fetal and just pay kiss their money. i suck at anything that requires me to kneed flour. like dumplings. but they say practice is the key, so from time to time i try my hand at it. i remembered that i had some oatmeal packs in the cupboard, so i thought... why not try some oatmeal cookies? sounds good. one problem. i don't really like cookies. not into sweets that much. then again, i have some friends that do. so i sent a text to 6 friends from work telling them that i was making some cookies and i would like them to taste them. as in, i'm not going to taste them. they will taste them and post their comments here. talk about setting up yuhself for a publicly recognized epic fail right? excitement!

i thought a good place to start would be a bowl. yuh know... something to put the ingredients in.

flour. not something i use a lot of anymore, but something i keep around for times like these.

i used this small strainer to scoop, measure and sift the flour in one motion. cool eh? didn't want to use too much flour so i used just one scoop.

i used 4 packs of oatmeal though. one maple & brown sugar and 4 cinnamon & apple. so at this point i realized that i was making cinnamon apple oatmeal cookies. sounds cool.

dumped that in the bowl and mixed it with the sifted flour.

oh yeah... baking powder. we baking right? so i guess we need a little bit of this in the mix. inside wid dat!

i heard you have to use some butter in it as well. this is what i had in the fridge so... yeah. that.

then a little sprinkling of salt to taste.

after mashing the butter around in the dry ingredients for a while, not really sure i was making much sense, i added some water. was looking for a thick but smooth dough. really based on a mental image of cookie dough.

the mixture was looking a lil plain, so i grabbed a handful of granola. basically more oats, some raisins, a few nuts... i think i could rock with that.

as i had some apple cinnamon flavor in there, i thought some apple chunks might bring something nice to the table.

i used half of a small apple. just rough chunks. thought it would help with the sweetness as i wasn't adding any more sugar. the maple & sugar oats with the cinnamon oats would have to work with the apple to make things sweet. anyway, at this point i realized that i had to adjust my description again to say apple cinnamon cookies with granola and apple chunks. wow! somebody could actually hear that and think i knew what i was doing or that i set out to do that. HA!

oh... forgot to preheat the oven. better late than never.

then i remembered... i don't have a baking sheet. well, whatever. i lined two baking pans with foil (easy for cleaning up after the fun) and gave them a lil cooking spray.

i spooned out some cookies onto the foil and placed them in the oven. in no time flat, i could smell them. the place had the fragrance of real baking. hm... impressive.

i baked them for about 18mins at 250. the bottoms came out a lil darker than i would like, but the tops had a nice color to them. not bad looking for a first time. but the real test will be when i give them to my friends to let me know how they taste.

well... my first piece of real baking. it was fun. check the comments to see what my friends say about them.

leh we bake.