Sunday, June 28, 2009

de real burger kings

when we at bring it to the table talk about having it your way, we mean from scratch. that's how we were feeling on sunday, so we fired up the grill and got some prime meat sizzling for a few friends.

dawi built the grill while i went inside to start things off. now my apologies. this was a little too difficult to get detailed with the photosnappin', so i didn't document much of the meat preppin'.

Anyway, I took 5 packs of minced beef from pricesmart and added onion, celery, chive, parsley, basil, pimento peppers, green seasoning, garlic powder, all purpose seasoning, jerk powder, black pepper, bitters, A1 sauce and some lime. personally, i don't like egg in the mix, so i didn't employ the services of any eggs. worked in all the seasoning with my hands, hence the lack of photos. It's all about the seasoning, so I added the seasoning in portions and worked it all around to ensure the seasoning found its way through everything.

dawi started off manning the grill.

with some back up from kory, who is skilled on de grill.

it must be noted that the ladies didn't have to lift a finger.

except to take some video footage.

and to bring a mit or two. but nothig much more than that.

dawi mapped out the most efficient start point on the grill. he also suggested that we should coat the burger in a mixture of cornmeal, jerk powder, garlic powder and black pepper. that is what's going on in the white bowl there.

so the routine was to pat the patties into shape, coat them and place them on the grill.

the coating proved to be interesting.

but the heat wasn't quite right.

we had to make more fire.

which in turn created more sizzle.

finally, the right temperature. the burgers started to cook properly. after flipping them, we loaded some of them up with cheese. more trial, less error. the coating made a nice tasty crust. not bad at all.

with the new found confidence, kory broke out the tricks. first, he patted out some big boy burgers. then he made a little cavity and put some cheddar in the middle.

then closed them up and shaped them into some neat patties.

they had the grill lookin good.

they turned out to be hearty helpings of beef with hot melted cheese on the inside.

much success. the burgers were money. we topped them with all sorts of things. condiments like ketchup, mustard and pepper sauce. mayo and cheese wizz. onions, pickles, lettuce and tomato.

it ranked high up on my list of burger experiences.

good job fellas. let's do it again sometime.


  1. We..MEN!! we make fire and burgers!! You..women..BRING US JOHNNIE AND TONIC..:) we helped thank u plenty!! who sliced up the toppings?? ok alee did..but i supervised! and we were there for moral support and to duck from any umm...grill mishaps! burgers were great..lime was best! should do it again!

  2. should also make mention of the morsel of culinary surprise in the middle of kory's creations:) although i didnt get any of those...they looked sooooo good though! :)

  3. Twas bess indeed. I almost pass back for another one!

  4. the pic with the ladies though qdross, is a really nice one...they looked both amused and impressed all at once!! like u dawi and kory got some brownie points sunday...NONE FOR U CHAD..AFTER U ALMOST BURNT THE HOUSE DOWN..put the bottle down next time!!

  5. nah man, chad pull he hand...
    tru he nearly blow up a car, but he pull he hand.
    everybody contribute.

  6. that looking good, try a couple patties next time with just salt and black pepper as seasoning. The smoke alone adds enough additional flavour i find

  7. yeah vix...
    bobby flay was explaining that a burger doh need nuttn more than salt and black pepper. work with the flavour of the meat. i have to try it first before i give anybody else it to eat though.

  8. I still think of these when I think of burger heaven