Wednesday, July 8, 2009

back to basics... corned beef and rice

what self respecting bacchy food blog would be complete without a corned beef and rice? yeah, i know... it's just corned beef and rice. but yuh know what? ah have to represent. since the days of duckin school all the way to now, corned beef and rice hits the spot everytime.

it always freaked me out to see the corned beef in slices on the tin though. never had it that way. i always take it out the tin and mash it up like this.

that way i could add my lime... yuh know ah love it.

and i could add a little touch of green seasoning like so. then i could mix that up while i...

put some oil in a pot to get heated.

the next step is to put some onions, pimentos and garlic.

in goes the corned beef. let that cook for a bit.

then cabbage.

some ketchup, some A1 sauce and some water.

some paprika...

some black pepper...

fire fuh dat!

and daz it dey. on some jasmine rice, yuh on. the only thing easier, quicker and more affordable than that is a make it happen loan.

leh we bubble.


  1. Use a Jerk Seasoning on him... and Tomato Paste instead of Tomato Ketchup. Or even some Bbq Sauce. I like to let it fry down in the oil before i start to add the sauces.

  2. What an interesting an exciting blog u have. This post brings back memories in the early 90's in Barbados where this was a weekly staple in many households. I use to love it when I was a little girl with some extra pepper sauce. Now I do not eat that stuff but it still brings back memories of when life was so simple.

  3. thanks CV.
    it was interesting to see how many people have a special place in their heart for corned beef and rice. after the pics went up, four people contacted me to say they made corned beef because they saw the entry. i told them that i made the entry because i saw a friend of mine with corned beef and rice pics up on facebook. corned beef... uniting caribbean people since 19howlong.

  4. Yah boy, this brings back memories of sweet, sweet TnT. mmmmm I haven't had corned beef and cabbage for so long. As I am always trying to slim down, this kinda ting does not work for me. But on days when I just wanna eat whatever I want? This will definitely hit the spot. mmmmmmmm

    Keep em coming suh!

  5. i shall try my best to do so nelley!!

  6. You know how long I thinking of making it. I never have before. Even though it's one of my favourite dishes. Looking like I'm going to torture Laura tonight, she hates rice :)

  7. You really hit the spot with this, Q. My favourite way to eat a cornbeef and rice is with either a slice of ripe plantain on the side, or with a slice of zaboca. Cyah go wrong! :-D