Sunday, June 7, 2009

a crazy egg loaf

i've mentioned this more than once before in certain circles and got those looks that say "you're crazy. that can't be done." well crazy maybe, but it can be done, and if you actually give it a little thought, you can put your own twist and make it taste really good too. check it out.

i put six eggs in a bowl. simple enough right?

yuh know me with lime. gots to have it.

seasoned the eggs up with some salt, black pepper, all purpose and garlic powder.

next i put in some chopped pimento, onion and chive

now this is where one might think it gets crazy for some reason... i don't know why. anyway, how about some flour, baking powder and a lil yeast?

after mixing them in, making sure everything was well integrated into a smooth mixture, i added some parmesan and some cheddar cheese. mixed that in as well. it ends up looking like a rich cake batter. still smooth and fluid, but with a little body to it.

next step, cover it down and let it sit there for a bit, while the oven heats up.

greased up my trusty pyrex dish with a little touch of vegetable oil. just enough for the loaf not to stick while it cooked. then into the warm oven it went.

this is the loaf that came out. soft, even brown crust with a light, fluffy inside. not to mention a tempting, cheesy aroma.

the only problem is, i'm not quite sure how to use it. it's cool at breakfast with sausage or deli slices and a lil pepper sauce on the side. my father was suggesting that it could be served with a savory ketchup based something like a dip. i was even thinking about making a herb oil with shadon beni, basil and olive oil, drizzling it over a couple slices and trying it with a fresh salad. we'll see. but for now, let's just say it can be done and leave it at that. the real lesson here... doh knock it until yuh try it.

leh we bubble.


  1. Hmm... very interesting. Adventurous to say the least. For guaranteed smoothness, trying sifting in the dry ingredients. Another trick, wet a cloth and put it on top the dough mixture for about an hour or so or until ready to pop in the oven.

    I think this would make a nice addition to a pasta dish. Drizzled with olive oil and grilled... doing that with a Bruschetta bread in mind.

  2. this was really yummy q! but dawi u not a lil worried to leave an egg-based out for an hr - even in the fridge? that was my main concern when i saw him bubbling this...samonela?

  3. dawi, ah think that is it. let it cool and then give it a lil george forman. treat it like a garlic bread at the side of a pasta or salad. strange enough, ah was thinking of using some olives in it as well... inspired by the olive lover nah... hahaha.

    ah feelin dat.

  4. Lord yu idle. Meh cousin say you out for my crown though.

  5. Nice recipe. But how much flour, baking powder and yeast tho?

  6. well honestly, i don't measure much. i just put some of each. the best i can say is i put enough flour to thicken the mixture to a consistency that's similar to a thick cake batter, and very cautious with the yeast.