Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuna Patties

Food Network has to be the best thing on cable. It’s a great and lucrative idea. Food all day, everyday? BRILLIANT! I was watching it by Dawi’s grandmother when I saw Paula making some Salmon Burgers. Dawi commented that it probably would be good to do something like that with tuna… a suggestion that was tasting right in my books. So I decided to try a tuna patty.

Whipped out some tuna. 2 tins of chunks in water and 2 tins of chunks in oil. Drained of course. Bumble Bee or Brunswick… don't really care that much. They're not paying for this big up anyway.

I put it in a bowl and just spread it around a little.

Enter lime. Makes it nice and tangy.

Then I cut up some shaddon beni, celery, onion, pimento and chive.

Mixed that up with the tuna.

In mixtures like these, one would usually use a bread crumb-esk ingredient. I tried these cheddar flavoured toasted Ritz Chips. I just put them in a sandwich bag and crushed them up a bit.

Then I took my premium quality rolling pin to them for that absolute crush.

The end result was not absolutely fine, but absolute enough to do the trick.

I usually wouldn’t use egg to bind, but I decided to take a chance this time.

Then I put some of my flavourful buddies into the egg, hoping that they would be transported all around the mixture.

The mixture ended up looking like this. Time to get to cooking.

But first, I had to heat up some oil in my trusty frying pan turned pizza dish.

As soon as the oil was hot, I scooped out manageable portions and put them in.

Well, the patties came out nice, with a light crust on the outside. I could tell they would make an interesting sandwich.

The Curious Mouth had hers with 8 grain whole wheat bread. But I preferred to have mine with marble rye.

Slice of tomato, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, mustard, pepper sauce. Some potato chips at the side and we on!

Good call Dawi. I’ll have to line you up with some.

Leh we bubble!


  1. Wham? I do get ah call when these experiments going down owwa? Fyah fi you AND curious mouth!!! On de real tho, doubles run(s), ppl fiending. I get a location on the chicken doubles...

  2. aight aight!!! ah hadda get dat on de road fuh real.

  3. Link mih!

    but not with that bread though! hahaha... I could nyam that with a lil whole wheat business. Or even a Hops!