Saturday, May 9, 2009


after a pizzat lime, there's one thing you're sure to end up with. leftover ingredients. so what do you do? cook some more! but what's the fun in doing the same thing again? so this time i tried a lil pie like vehicle we ended up callin a pizzat treat.

i started by cutting up the balance of the chicken salami.

then i cut up some pimento, onions and carrots.

fired up a burner and got the onions and pimentos going in some oil.

next, carrots joined the saute.

followed by the chicken salami.

when it got a decent cooking, it was time to add that left over pizzat sauce. i figured that since the toppings were now fillings, it might be wise to put sauce and ingredients into one.

so i took dawi's trusty pizza dough and spread it out before spooning on a very generous portion of the filling.

now notice the size of this thing right here. yeah... i got a bit carried away.

dropped some cheese on that baby. guess what???

as soon as i folded it over, the filling burst out the back and the sides and it was all over the place. i just picked it up and dropped it into a pan and baked it like that anyway. it came out like this. tasted good, but looked like a mess!!

anyway, good sense prevailed, and i scaled it down considerably. workable sizes.

folded and pressed the edges in.

the first attempt came out ok.

the curious mouth dug in and gave it the stamp of approval, which to me meant:
start the next round!

so i loaded up that trusty frying-pan-turned-baking-tray-substitute and got some more going.

they turned out pretty ok.
i'll try them again sometime with a more flavourful meat like ground beef or some sort of tangy chicken perhaps. and i'll make some holes in the top with a fork to see what happens too.

leh we bubble.