Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We Bubblin'

A few years ago on, I started this thread called BRING IT TO THE TABLE. It was a simple discussion about cooking, and since no one on the forum at the time had Sylvia Hunt or Bobby Flay type skills, it was all about the amateur contribution. Some good things came up in the thread. I remember puttin’ down a macaroni pie recipe with a special little twist that I like to drop in. People actually tried it and came out with bess results. In no time flat, people started puttin’ down a whole set of recipes and tricks that were tried with success. A good breddrin’ even admitted that he started to cook because of the thread. That was enough evidence to show that a forum like that could be a cool thing.

Unfortunately, triniscene upgraded its website and all the threads were deleted… including my bess thread. Anyway, x amount of years later, I’ve decided to add some pictures and bring it back in blog form. Recipes, tricks and dat kinda ting. No professional ting. You wouldn’t see much half cups, half teaspoons and cook for 45 minutes here. This is Trini Bachelor style. Now doh get it twisted. When it comes to cooking, the term bachelor is not really a living status. It’s that style of cooking that is about improvising, adding a unique spin, cooking with feeling, and creating meals that are as filling as they are delicious.

So I'll invite some friends in the mix, whip out the digital cam and we cookin wid gas.

Leh we bubble.