Thursday, January 8, 2009

now we cookin' with gas

so as i mentioned before, the idea was to check some friends and invite them to put their hand in this virtual pot. as they say, it ain't no fun if the homies can't get none. let me introduce them quickly:

the kicker.
this is the designated chef in the lime. a pizza guru. makes the wickedest pizza sauce ever. (or peezat sauce as we call it). also very mean with a minced beef and pita bread. i'm sure he has that blog in mind already. not a big meat man, but into "tasty morsels" as he likes to say it.

the master of meat. as long as it has flesh on it, he knows how to curry, stew or roast it to perfection. he not easy. don't know just yet if he has the patience or the time to really slap us with some hard core recipes and pics and all that, but i am sure he would drop some noteworthy comments and tips for us to follow. daz how he is.

relatively new to the fireside, but so adventurous, you would think he's been doin it fuh years. not afraid to ask questions or season ideas with his blend of creativity to concoct unique contributions. expect him to bring some interesting and different things to the table.

there you have it. more people bringing more things to the table.

leh we bubble.

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