Saturday, February 7, 2009

a spur of the moment wine & cheese session

this is the card that caused it.

my very first pricesmart diamond membership card. i never bothered to get one because everybody else had one, so getting stuff was just a "yaw... make a pricesmart run wid mih nah?" away. but i was thinking that it might be wise to get my own since i started this little blog and might want to get stuff for spur of the moment ideas.

so i got my card and entered the wide isles one time. honestly, i wasn't looking for anything in particular besides a pack or two of them 9 year light bulbs. that's when i saw this...

mozzarella cheese soakin in some olive oil and herbs. enter glad glands... "let's have some wine and cheese!" the curious mouth agreed that it was a cool idea for a sunday evening, so we took it home with a few other items. and by few i mean a trolley full of things we didn't walk in there thinking about.

the cheese was soakin in some olive oil with sun dried tomatoes, basil and some other little spices. I opened it up and put some shadon beni in it, because i keeps it real! well not really, but because i thought it might add a little more flavour.

brought home some of that nice pricesmart garlic bread too.

cut it up to give it an oven crisping.

but first, i got a bright idea to pour some of that seasoned oil the cheese was soaking in on the garlic bread to see if anything interesting would happen.

next step was to cut up some edam cheese to bring a sharpness to the mix, while the bread toasted. made a little cheese plate and...

that's it. the curious mouth selected a port wine, because i doh know a thing about wine besides you make it with grapes and it'll make you drunk.

and so the evening proceeded with light conversation carried on in fake bouge accents. not bad for a first experience if i may say so myself.


  1. and look at the fancy plate arrangement!

    i do declare from the soaking alone, that sounded like some marvelous cheese. and would recommend a good syrah or malbec (red wines) for spicy or zingy cheeses.

  2. Lookin good...doh forget the toothpicks.

  3. yuh noticed kayode, ah listen to yuh and made sure to put colour!!

  4. gosh i love it.. i tried almost the same thing. But I used the party cheese pack from pricesmart (swiss, pepper jack, colby and cheddar) and garlic bread. Cut the entire bread in half like a sandwich and grilled it on both sides with some olive oil. The combination of cheeses was like PADDOOOWWWWWW! Warm and melty..

  5. when i went, i picked up that party pack. it looked real nice. my next try would include that.

    but was it a sandwich you made miss v?