Sunday, December 13, 2009


while doing the mundane task of purchasing goods, i stumbled across this:

pita bread made by one of my favourite spots, lawrence of arabia... of shops of maraval. though pita bread wasn't on my scientifically calculated google map of a grocery list, i couldn't resist bringing it home.

and with a classic line like this one, how could i put this down?

like the pack says, it is soft and tasty. and it tasted good out of the pack. i was curious about that considering it wasn't in any sort of chiller-like unit. it was just out there chillin' with the kiss loafs and such. anyway, it didn't have that powdery taste you get from some of the frozen ones. and though the sizes in the bag varied from piece to piece, the pieces were of a decent size.

luckily for me, the lawrance pita was just right to deal with the after supermarket hunger. quick and easy, taste good... not too much to clean up. to me that meant slap two pieces of smoked ham on there, grate some cheese, then throw on some ketchup, chow chow and pepper.

wrapped it and placed it in this. what is this? hmm.

de george forman. real handy piece of equipment.

about 3 minutes later, i had this hot, crispy wrap. not bad at all. i want to use it with a stew something or a curry sometime and just dip it like a sada roti. until that though, this wrap will do. who say seconds?


  1. Lmao@ kiss loafs and such...
    Laurence of Arabia is also a favourite restaurant of mine, and I'mm excited to try their Pita bread, I've become quite disconcerted with the frozen ones, that have a real old-ish, make you wonder what kinda flour they used, something isn't tasting right outcome.

    Good looking out Q...I will go with an open mind and an empty stomach.


  2. hahaha... an open mind and an empty stomach!! hahahaha!! a big line simy!!

    but yes, that is the thing for me. that powder finish that you get with the ones from the chiller/freezer. this one not giving that, but i would like to find out what not freezing/chilling the product on the shelf does to the shelf life.

    i'd also like to see what kinda life they have after purchase.

  3. Well we will have to kitchen stadium this product, and put out the findings...:-)

  4. Saw it at Tru Valu, El Socorro. Didn't buy because it had no expiry date.

  5. that's my big question hassan.
    i've never had like mouldy pockets or wraps. i had a stack of flour tortillas from pricesmart (turned out to be way too much) and it lasted real long. but that was in the fridge though.

    how long do these things last???!?!?!?!!!

    think i will call them up.