Sunday, November 7, 2010

smoked oysters & mussels

i like smoked oysters and smoked mussels. kinda reminds me of smoked herring which i love. so i like to keep some handy for times such as these... late-o-clock sunday breakfast.

this is really a quick fix, but i was a bit snap happy, so i made the quick process a little longer by taking pics. here we have some onion, some hot pepper, chive and shadon beni.

the mussels and oysters roughly chopped.

the oysters & mussels come in cotton seed oil which i drain out as much as possible. but i spray some pam in a pan to sautee the seasoning.

fire fuh dat.

they also have salt in them already, but i like them just a little bit saltier. to achieve that, i add a just a pinch more salt and a lil peppercorn medley.

in goes the seafood.

these are already smoked, so they aren't in here to cook for long. actually, i just stir them around a bit over a super low fire to get the seasoning all over.

next, some cream cheese. not much. just enough to create a little texture and contribute to the taste. for this i prefer either the garden flavour or this chive and onion.

the next step is to drop it all into a bowl and mix it to a chunky paste.

it's nice on a piece of crispy wasa bread, but who could say no to the vital supply?

a wholewheat or multigrain crix is just right. top that with some fresh chopped celery and that for me is a good start to a mellow sunday.


  1. Where yuh buyin oysters and mussels?

  2. grostree. separate eh. i mix dem.

  3. this set here i bought at food giant. but they are quite common in the tin food section.