Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TDC Pot Spoon Throwdown 2011... YOU COMING?

last year we went to the taste t&t events and found them to be our kind of thing.

food and fun... what more can you ask for on a sunday?
this year, the theme is The Pot Spoon Throwdown. 2 events, 4 teams each. one event features pork and wine, the other fried fish.

definitely bring it to the table material. so to answer the question, HELL YEAH WE COMIN!!

check out the page on facebook for info and developments.


  1. I'm not too sure I like how they keep changing the Taste TNT "format"? Fried Fish, Pork and Wine would be the only attractions? Of course I want to go, but I really liked the roving taste tnt last year and the stadium "gourmet style" before that. Where they going with this 2 events 4 team thing? It have more to come right?

  2. it similar to last year mandy. just two places instead of 3.