Saturday, January 14, 2012


(phone rings)
BITTT: hello?
jason: hi q! how you doin? it's jason.
BITTT: aye jason. what's up meng?
jason: i'm good. our internal internship period is on at TTHTI and i wanted to invite you guys for lunch as my guests...

at least, that was the intent of the phone call. it was a bit jerkier than that with the poor reception and what not, but the end result was us heading down to the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute on friday for lunch with chef jason peru, executive lecturer, TTHTI.

looking at the well preserved vintage feel of the building's exterior, you probably wouldn't expect a nicely designed modern dining room with a bistro feel inside. complete with a state of the art kitchen and bar too. but then again, it is a premium culinary institute with a number of international affiliations, why wouldn't you expect that?

anyway, in this setting, the institute gives its students the opportunity to test their skills in a real world scenario,

that means that they host and prepare meals and beverages for actual customers. this helps to meet the needs of the industry by producing students that are more or less ready for the practical situation having sharpened their chops on events like these. call them practice runs and then some.

so we enjoyed a nice buffet styled meal done entirely by the students and let me say, i think they did just fine.

soup and salad with a choice of plain or herb rolls...

beef arepas...

rice pilaf...

bacon wrapped chicken roulade...

beef steaks made to order the right way. sprinkled with a little salt, black pepper, done in a hot skillet and served with a herb butter.

and what good meal is complete without dessert? there was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, served with a cherry sauce.

i thought the students did very well. service with a smile as well as a proud glow that said "yeah... we make dat!"

it was a very enjoyable experience as well as a delicious meal. basically a best kept secret. you can check it out at the TTHTI in chaguramus daily from now until February 4th. breakfast - $40, lunch - $90, dinner - $125. isn't that right chef jason?


  1. Umm dude. How about you invite me to come along next time you get one of these calls.. Sounds good? Thought so.

    On a more serious note, it is refreshing to know that these courses/offerings are taking place in Trinidad,,and from the looks of it the quality seems top notch. My concern though is the wait we know they are in charge of the majority of the dining "experience" yet I didn't really hear this covered much in your article or mentioned in the video. Does the institute train servers/waitstaff and other hospitality based professionals? I think this is what Trinidad really needs..

    Great article. Looks delectable. Will have to get Tony to take us there one day for a company lunch.

  2. you're right. my focus was really the meal. but that's my weakness. no fault of the institute at all. they offer training in all aspects of the industry. it is actually too broad for me to call off the top of my head, but at the lunch, the service in that area was good. of course they were a little nervous trying to get everything right for their lecturers, but we didn't want for anything.

    check out what they offer:

  3. "Umm dude. How about you invite me to come along next time you get one of these calls.. Sounds good? Thought so."

    yeah aight... buh your contacts shaky.

  4. aye yuh get some real bess shots here

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