Thursday, March 29, 2012


a while back we discovered pepper roti in debe. all the heavens rejoiced! we love it! but with my kneed-a-phobia that makes me mess up anything dough related and baidawi's (the official muffin man) confusion about the whole subject, pepper roti remains one of the things that could only be solved by a debe run. imagine my optimism when i stumbled across this new product in the supermarket. rani sada roti. nice packaging. looks very premium. and the all-important best by date is on there too. not that it seems to need it... the product isn't staying on the shelf. i mean, if you're selling out racks of sada roti in aranguez, you have to be doing something right. anyway, after trying it, i got this crazy idea that i could use this to create a pepper roti substitute. soooo...

i put some spuds to bubble on a dj.

chopped up some shadon beni, good bit of garlic, a hot pepper and two pimiento peppers. yes, iz pepper roti we said.

grated a little carrot. more for the colour than anything else.

put it all into a nonstick an sauteed everybody up a bit to let the flavors out.

so potatoes all boiled and strained, time to make this happen.

i put them into the pot with the seasoning, mashed them up and mixed them up with a little salt, black pepper and a touch of safron. so far, i'm thinking the filling is shaping up to hit the nail on the head.

the rani sadas have some size and they're soft and fluffy. i think they would make some reaaaaally nice wraps with some chicken, veggies and a nice sauce or two. for my imitation pepper roti i opened it up.

i pasted the mixture onto the sada. a decent layer.

after topping that with some cheese, i sprinkled just a little bit of italian seasoning on it...

and a lot of crushed black pepper. did i mention that this is supposed to be a pepper roti?

yeah... so this is what the landscape looked like after the sprinklings. next step, close it and put it into the oven with the fire on top. just looking to crisp it up a bit and melt the cheese inside.

end result... this. NOT EVEN CLOSE! it didn't taste like a pepper roti. spicy and nice, but not a pepper roti. actually, it was more like a real nice homemade sada and alloo. not a problem, we enjoyed it all the same. nothing like a tasty morsel to take the sting out of missing the target right? i probably might not try making pepper roti anytime soon, but this will definitely get a repeat performance when i'm in that mode. and i'll be keeping some of that rani sada handy for that quick bite.


  1. what! lol. i have the secret for pepper roti at home - easy. ;) discovered it by accident. you gotta make fry aloo! all i did was fill my mom's sada roti with fry aloo ( and i mean fry aloo that you normally make to go with sada ), add cheese and my pop's lime pepper sauce and toasted it all on the tawa. was GREATTTTTTT! :)

    1. well that is what i tried to recreate. it tasted close-ish eh, but it was just missing that... i doh know... pepper rotiness. but i will make a regular fry aloo and try it your way. will let you know.

    2. a question zoomy... hope yuh see this soon-ish. but would you use rani sada?