Wednesday, September 19, 2012


i did a lot of learning this week... and it's only wednesday. for one, i learned that there are some things you just shouldn't wait around to do. like checking out a spot that has been recommended to you countless times. take buzo for example. been hearing how fantastic the italian food is there, but never ventured. so my friend corey who also blogs about tasty treats suggested we do a blate there. (blate = another thing i learned this week. it's when bloggers link up. a blog date kinda. not that you couldn't google that.) 

 it's a really cool spot. nice wines.

great service, including amado who is as good as it gets when it comes to hosting. (didn't get his pic, but big respect to amado. he's a boss. corey got a pic of him over on her blog, check it out.)

and pizza. there's a pizza bar where you can order your pizza to spec and see it pop in and out of this pizza oven. real fresh. 12 inch pizzas cut into 8 slices on a really thin crust. i hear 2 can deal with one comfortably. 

even though pizza was on my mind, executive chef cristian grini had a different idea. he started us off with some portobello fries, served with a truffle and roasted garlic mayo. hear nah! i was ready to write the review one time. 

seafood is my thing, so fritto misto hit the spot. shrimp, calamari and zucchini. the sauce was the winner here.

 next up was this platter of prosciutto (cooked and uncooked), cheese and olives. real salty goodness.

then we got into some pastas, which they make in house by the way. this one here was the torcelli. spicy calabrian sausage and porcini mushrooms in a cream and tomato sauce. a lil grated parmesan over the top for good measure.

hands down the winner of the show. hand made pumpkin tortelli with butter noisette, sage, shiitake mushrooms and parmesan cheese. off the chain! even for corey who doesn't really dig pumpkin that much. no complaints on this one.

by this time, we were full. i mean packed with all that good stuff. no room for main course, which judging from the healthy portions that were coming out, i'm sure would have been proper. we just had to skip through to dessert. i tried this one. forgot the name, but it had a house made blueberry marmalade on top of this milky cream with an interesting texture. i'm not big on desserts, but this was ok.

 this was a show stopper though. vanilla ice cream topped with cream, chocolate and amado skillfully pouring a shot of espresso on it.

warm espresso no doubt, so everything just started to melt and mix.

 the end result, a delicious mess. i just had a little taste of it. if you like coffee, this is fuh you!

all in all, i can't believe i took that long to check it out. great time. thanks to amado, chef cristian and of course corey for saying "what? you've never been to bu... nah! we going!" good call. lesson learnt. i'll be back fuh sure!


  1. Totally love Buzo. Excellent service, great food, awesome vibe and ambience. It's my new spot. Yuh wait long eh! lol

    1. wait is an understatement. i real stick on this. but this is a serious case of better late than never

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