Saturday, October 27, 2012


yes, i know... I KNOW!! it's back to back buzo entries going on here. but i just couldn't help it. i hands down love the spot. not because it offers a refreshing portion of decent customer service. not because you can close your eyes, point at something on the menu and have a 99% chance of enjoying it (the 1% is for if you hate mushrooms and you pick a mushroom dish for example. nobody can help that). not even because they have italian beer to enhance the experience. the real selling point for me is knowing that everything is being made from scratch. they make their own olive oil. of course all the pastas on the menu are hand made. a lot of the jellies, sauces and reductions for desserts are made in house. i call that value for money. on this last visit, they  cemented that for me. chef cristian presented us with this:

buzo pepper sauce. i could only imagine. they already have buzo olive oil available for purchase i heard. never really inquired further. i'll find out more about it next time i hit the spot. but buzo pepper sauce is already in theory something i would want to keep around. if it comes with half the quality of that melanzane e prosciutto pizza i had this time around, i want it. i'll have to find out the details like "is it for sale?" i wasn't in blog mode, so i forgot to ask. i'll also come back and give the most important piece of info... the taste. but first, i have to find something worth putting it on. so you can either wait, or head down to buzo and check it out yuhself!

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