Monday, February 25, 2013

the hills are alive with the taste of seafood

one of the great things about being a blogger is finding out about cool new events. for example, SEE FOOD ON THE HILLS; a food inclusive, "bring-yuh-cooler-an'-come" lime at the aripo cottage, coming up on march 23rd. i heard a lot about the nature resort up in the hills, but due to my love of concrete and air conditioning, i never ventured to it... until recently. went up to take a peep at the location for this grand seafood affair. 

as expected, the eco resort had its own community of animals. many a mischievous monkey

swine of the wild variety.

unicorns. hmm. on second thought, they might have been ponies. 

and no serious collection of animals would be complete without some birds.

then there's the river. 

relaxing. though the event wouldn't allow access to the river as it's a decent walk away from the main cottages (a walk that made me renew my gym membership immediately after), knowing it's there is enough vibes.

there's still lots of water to be enjoyed though. the liming spaces include pools...

more pools...

next to pools...

numerous bar spaces...


and just a lot of open spaces to assemble with your squad, your cooler and platefuls of seafood inspired dishes. i can't let the cat out the bag as yet, but the menu sounds impressive. 

all in all, the visit was enough to make me sign up for the 23rd. seems like it would be a different experience, i'm thinking brunch meets seafood joint meets cooler fete. interesting if yuh ask me. but don't wait on the review to find out how it was. grab yuh cooler, grab yuh crew and come. i even took a few tickets so if you need some, you can message me. 

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