Friday, May 3, 2013



"BOY! HOW YOU SO LUCKY?!" is something i've been hearing since i could understand english. winning raffles, getting discounts, free tickets, play whe... you name it. the only thing that i'm yet to do is hit a lotto jackpot. and when i do, i don't think i would be that surprised. maybe that's why when my friend (and managing director of mango media; the most awesome PR firm in my books.) judette extended an invitation for corey, trinichow and the rest of the bloggers' table to come to the launch of the new samsung refrigerators with digital inverter at courts megastore, with the promise of a chance to win one, i was thinking "aye! a chance to lime with muh fellow bloggers and have a time again. competition... meh."

when we got there, assistant marketing manager lohanna sinclair was already in full presentation, talking about the brilliant new creature comforts the fridge offered. things like easy open doors, free sliding shelves for easy access, easy access water dispenser and the bomb removable auto ice maker, efficient enough to handle big parties they say. ok, NOW i'm paying attention. one can never have enough ice at a house lime. at least not at my house limes.

but the big deal is the ultra silent digital inverter compressor that adjusts to all sorts of situations. regulates fluctuating current (and jah knows t&tec starts and stops current in my area as if they are trying to help us play a game of musical chairs or something), adjusts temperature settings automatically for changes as minor as if something hot is placed in the fridge, and conserve energy to help with the electric bill. they are so confident about its efficiency that the compressor has a 10 year warranty. 10 years of fridge is plenty i think.

so after the rundown of how awesome these new machines were, they called for the bowl that had all our names in it. guess what? "QUINCY... ROSS... EAT AH FOOD?" who say new fridge? wasn't really expecting that one. after all, in usual quincy style i confirmed the night before after being reminded by corey (which is usually how these things happen. i forget, corey reminds me some hours before, i say "oh right! that's what i had to do today."). soon i shall put the fridge to the test and see if it's really all that it's cracked up to be. and of course i'll review it to let you all know. 

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