Friday, September 23, 2011


for guinness drinkers like us, thursday the 22nd september was kinda like christmas.

ok, we didn't have trees and parang, but on arthur guinness day, we did have somewhat of a sleigh taking gifts around to good little boys and girls. that is of course if your imagination allows you to see a mazda hatch back as a sleigh, good little boys and girls as friends and random guinness drinkers and gifts as beastly cold guinness.

just call me santa claus and it all works. we drove around delivering bottles of the cold dark stuff to make sure more trinis celebrated arthur guinness day with the rest of the world. through the day up to 17:59... which is 1 minute to 6. it was a tough job, but somebody had to do it. why not yuh friendly internet food blog right? if we could have covered the whole country we would have, but product, energy and gas were limited resources yesterday. anyway, we had a good time doing it. take a look at some of what went on:

here's to arthur guinness from BITTT and the detnator family.


  1. Arthur Guinness... strengthening backs since the 1700's

    the background track real fresh, it made me want to reach for a black bottle as well.... malta tho

  2. my son celebrated by Pie on my behalf