Sunday, October 2, 2011


we've been hearing about fanatic friday for a while now, so when our friends at FKS invited us to our first one, there was no way we were going to say no.

like most of the events in this unique space, this was an interactive affair that featured cocktails and tapas with mixologist hans crosby and chef shelton alexis 'the orgasmic chef'.

so in one corner, hans mixed up some tasty cocktails and refilled drinks all night.

we couldn't decide which was more fun. having the drinks or looking at hans make them.

but he wasn't just making drinks. while he poured his magic, he was giving us a step by step demonstration. an education in mixology.

and of course, he brought some volunteers up to practice what he was just preaching.

as it turned out, the crowd was full of quick learners who got it shaking in no time.

meanwhile, tapas were coming along on chef shelton's side. he had a lot in store for us.

tasty little bites like this fried plantain with spinach and feta cheese that were as delicious...

as they were beautiful to look at.

lots of different little things to dip like fried breadfruit.

and lots of things to dip them in, like this tangy white fish sauce.

and this tangy pommecythere dip.

not to mention these conch fritters with this spicy sauce.

anyway, back on the cocktails side, it became apparent to the crowd why hans was giving all the instructions. there was a cocktail competition and guess who was one of the 3 judges? that's right, this lovely lady in white.

oh yeah, i was also a judge. fun times.

so basically there were 4 contestants who were free to use whatever ingredients they wished to concoct their unique cocktail. the ladies went first.

then the guys stepped up to the plate.

the submissions were actually good. the winning submission (2nd from the right) tasted like something i would order at a bar. grapes and kiwi with vodka for the win. it was a fitting way to bring the evening to a close though. all in all, fanatic friday was a lot of fun. i'm sure this isn't going to be my last.


  1. that plantain & bhagi tapa was real bess!

  2. This looked like so much fun, and the tapas would've filled me up for sure.

  3. i was feelin de breadfruit and pommecythere dip.

  4. I won't miss another opportunity. I'm feeling the newsboy hat myself.

  5. Oh.. but where were the wines?

  6. mandy, this wasn't the wine tasting the other day. i didn't cover that one since i had a wine tasting already. this one is a friday night scene.

    newsboy cap it is then. i kinda dig dem.

  7. hans really stole the show that night. i really enjoyed it! the food... not so much. not my kinda thing. the lamb was nice though

  8. yeah janelle. hans was a real show. the lamb came out when i was judging, so i missed that. but i love seafood, so the breadfruit and white fish sauce and the fritters hit the spot for me.

  9. between me and you though, the fritters were a nice idea but poorly executed. you really need to pardon me though... i'm a critic and i'm not easily impressed. i absolutely loved the idea of a pommecythere remoulade but... it didn't taste like pommecythere!

  10. nah janelle... yuh doh need to make apologies for your opinions in here. be as open as you wish here. we support that.

    i would say though that your are not easily impressed indeed!! i tasted the acidity of the pommecythere. now the fritters might have been a lil bready, but didn't bother me. in the tamarind sauce, the flavour was nice.