Saturday, October 22, 2011


we go to the market often. it's the real place to get good quality produce, seasoning and some serious kicks. characters galore! i'm not quite sure why we never captured the experience, but this opportunity was the push we needed. a chance to go to the market with culinary professionals both local and international.

what's happening is, the taste t&t international culinary festival is beginning this monday with a workshop for culinary students, run by danish master chef claus meyer, affiliated professor and gastronomic entrepreneur. so to get the best local produce to use at the workshop, his sous chef bo frederiksen (the dude wearing the sweater. somebody could have warned the guy about the heat) accompanied by chef debra sardinha-metivier (the lovely lady with the all-important black book) and hilton trinidad's executive chef israel calderon (the cool guy in the long sleeve shirt) went to NAMDEVCO's northern wholesale market at macoya. we would never say no to tag along on that.

i knew the chefs would have a great time among all that fresh produce while sharing insights, describing flavours and giving examples of the usage of the products. it was great to listen in.

i think our variety looked impressive. quite a decent showing.

and quality was good too.

of course they sampled stuff to get more acquainted with the flavours.

including our most illustrious ingredient shadon beni.

but they really got some good stuff. not just good quality, but good quantity too.

ah mean... was the first time i've ever seen somebody buy 23lbs of provision...

and a bag of cucumber. "ok, i'll take one bag." what?? fun times.

all in all, it was a fun experience. what we really enjoyed was seeing the event generate revenue for some of our local suppliers and understanding what a great channel for information and exposure it will be for our culinary students and professionals alike. if this was any indication of the kind of experience the culinary festival will bring to the table, we're definitely not missing out on that. you shouldn't either. keep posted at the tdc facebook page. you don't want to miss this one.

check out the experience in motion:


  1. i dunno if its the time we went but i found that they did not have a wide enough range of herbs.

  2. ooooo.. you guys should go early on a morning.. like 4am so, to check out the seafood market by sealots. That is also an incredible experience!!!

  3. a good herb spot not that common, so i guessin their herb game not up dey. ah doh know if yuh will find such a spot in a wholesale market. i doh know. guessin...

  4. yeah amanda... we did a fishin village scene once, but we reach up late. hahaha. we have to plan for it again.