Sunday, October 30, 2011


the first day of the big event at the jean pierre complex/hasely crawford stadium was as unexpected for us as one of kes the illusionist's tricks to an unsuspecting patron. why?

well we expected a great show from iron chef garces (yes english, i did see him chop up the nuts with his knife like he was slicing paper or something). after all, he's an iron chef...

we expected to stumble upon some of those fine products that pop up at events like these...

we expected to see some friends of the blog, like Brian from the tobago blue food festival entry...

we even expected some good entertainment like the ever comical, ever lyrical nuts landing...

steel pan... check.

and tambu bamboo... check.

but we didn't expect to be that moved by the young culinarians competition. i mean, the excitement, the passion on display and the performances by all the teams involved was out of this world. and this is just the semi finals.

it was really nice to see the students making the most of the iron chef's presence.

surely a once in a lifetime opportunity that any motivated, aspiring chef would love.

of course we're going to show you the recording, but seeing it live is a whole different ball game.

check out the video below, but come down today to the finals and check it out live:


  1. great energy. love the focus and talent of the young culinarians.

  2. i think the future is in great hands. long time i eh see some inspirational ting like that.

  3. Right. Well now a Trini needs to enter Iron Chef and win so that more money can be injected into Tourism and Culinary Art Scholarships.

  4. Really wish I had made it to this event! And I agree, it's really very nice to see local culinary students so enthusiastic about this opportunity, and about making a career in the culinary arts. Bravo..bravo.. now if we could only get the service/hospitality industry to follow suit!! Then we'd be getting somewhere!