Sunday, March 15, 2009

breakfast is a wrap

for me, breakfast during the week is generally non existent. so on some weekends, i try to make up by takin the time to make something nice to start the day. here's something that i thought was worth a try.

started by chopping some mushrooms and onions.

then took them to the frying pan with a little cooking butter. i prefer to use cooking butter so that i don't have to use additional salt.

i put that aside in a plate for now.

next... egg. now i am particular about eggs. i have to season them up good to handle them. no doubt, my three boys and me beat these three eggs as if they owed us money. seasoned them up real nice.

i sprinkled in just a little parmesan cheese. not much at all. don't want the eggs to be too cheesy.

dropped them in and scrambled them well. it may not be "proper" cooking practice, but i like my eggs a little over cooked. just when they start getting a little brown. just my preference.

these wraps come in handy. garlic flavoured, so you get that nice herb taste.

fire fuh dem!

when they came off the heat, i dropped some eggs on them, topped the eggs with the sauted mushrooms and onions then took out this 6 cheese mix.

mozzarella, smoked provolone, asiago, parmesan, romano and fontina. topped it real nice.

then i drizzled a little pepper sauce on top more for the flavour than for the heat. also to add just a little colour to the presentation.

the end result.

the roll style worked best fot this one.

all in all, a decent sunday morning starter fuh me.

leh we bubble...


  1. I'm no egg fan, but this look interesting.

  2. First comment: Bess idea. We used those wraps once with a grilled chicken and garlic sauce thing I made.

    Second comment: Not enough extras in the eggs...for me at least. Ayanna and I are the types to full up de whole plate with everything, onion, green peppers, tomato, pimiento, mushroom, chive/celery, sausage, cheese etc etc when we lining up by de omelet man. A wutlessness, we know...but I will send yuh a picture of de overstuffed glory if we ever try it.

  3. yeah dawi. yuh know i eh no fan muhself. strange relationship. but this idea came to mind and ah ended up in the mood. wanted to finish the mushrooms too. ahaha.

    yeah kayode. daz another way to do it. but daz a different scene from what i was goin for dey.

  4. oh ho... i'm going to use the wraps to make some quesadillas.

  5. "We used those wraps once with a grilled chicken and garlic sauce thing I made."


    oh ho... i'm going to use the wraps to make some quesadillas

    I did that already with a Tandoori chicken... BESS!!!!

    I really need to get a camera dread.

  6. doh worry man dawi. when yuh get dat camera it go be trouble on de blog fuh real.

    tandori quesadillas soundin outrageous!!! dat is madness! de flavours!!!

    i lookin to do a hawaiian style wid beef and pine. a lil pico de gallo and sour cream on de side.

    so sayin, ah hadda pass by ma to get de grill to conduct dah beef.