Sunday, March 8, 2009

get buzzin part 1

"so what's a good drink to have?" that's a question i hear often. my answer to it is usually "one with alcohol." on the real though, that question has many different answers. some people like fruity drinks while some like a rum to burn the chest. Some like their beer beastly cold, with a mild, refreshing taste, while others love a strong brew straight from the case. at the end of the day, you just have to try it out and see what yuh like.

with that said, i thought since i try out a lot of drinks from time to time, i might as well post some of them up. so here are some from a very short lime at tgi (better known as the spot)

well we wanted to hit some shots, so what i usually do is keep a guinness at my side to sip on between rounds. most of the crew is partial to guinness too. so jason and i represented.

the curious mouth selected something lighter. corona with lime to be exact.

she also kept her usual malibu and pine on hand.

chad represented with the heineken.

now here's something that we started doing back in the day. i've been hooked on it ever since. a darkie. developed by dawi. you order a black russian, which is vodka and kaluah. you order a guinness, which is... well... guinness. sip some of the black russian to create some space, then you add some guinness to the mix. as you drink, add guinness. warning: it doesn't really taste all that potent, but at the end of that guinness you just might be sluring.

first shot... slippery nipple. it's baileys irish cream, sambuca and grenadine. a layered drink, so it qualifies as a pretty drink. sweet. the sambuca gives it a bite. the nipple is the drop of grenadine that goes through the layers and settles on the bottom. did i mention that it's sweet?

maybe i did mention that it was very sweet, because this came next. a monkey bite. never had this before. bitter as hell. but with a name like monkey bite, you'd be a monkey's uncle if you expect it to taste like pumpkin pie. it's made with moka tika, creme de cacoa and what monkey drink would be complete without banana liquor.

well outside with the small talk. time for liquid cocaine. the clear liquid on the bottom is goldschlager which is an italian cinamon schnapps that is 87 proof. it actually has thin pieces of 24k gold leaf floating around in it. the dark liquid on top is jagermeister. it is 70 proof. that is basically all you really need to know. plain talk bad manners, this could end a lime easy. for example, after this shot, the curious mouth began asking about the temperature of the well air conditioned spot. tell tale signs that the lime was soon approaching its final sips.

up next was the flaming sambuca. it's more of a novelty than anything else. they float a white rum or something on the top of a shot of sambuca then light it.

it warms the shot up, but unfortunately, it also warms the glass up. when we do it at home, we use 2 shot glasses per shot. one to light it in, then one to pour it into and shoot. the glass gets as hot as hell. jason found this out the wrong way.

we ended up calling for straws. fortunately, we were out of view and we did it quickly, so it was all good.

and with that came the end. homeward bound. getting the info was fun though. i'll be sure to do it again soon.

so leh we drink... den leh we bubble.


  1. allyuh is champion drinkers yes! still sipping my stag in de corner watching!!!

  2. ah must say you forgot the Southern Gentleman
    Jager and SOCO one of our many inventions that night by me