Thursday, March 5, 2009

quick and cheesy

news flash... I LOVE CHEESE. needless to say, i take cheese paste seriously. the last time i made a batch, certain individuals likened it to drugs... they couldn't get enough. anyway, enough with the self praise. baidawi and spanna passed through to check me, so i took the chance to whip up a quick batch as some cutters.

this is what the line up looks like. disregard the booze in the background. by now you should know that's just the regular landscape around these parts.

key factor... grater. more importantly, a grater with these fine holes. i'll point out why later on.

so i shred the cheese on this fine setting. by the way i use preferably the anchor vegetarian cheddar or pricesmart cheddar cheese.

i like a bit of onion in my cheese paste to make it tangy. but nobody wants to bite down into a slice of onion. so i dice it up.

recently, i stumbled across this. swiss mayo with jerk and lemon. if it says lime or lemon, you're talkin my language, so i bought it with the intent of giving it a try. this seemed like as good a time as any.

onions in... mayo in.

then comes a generous helping of mustard. tangy is the goal. this also gives it that nice yellow colour.

another thing i'm particular about is pepper sauce. i found this one in a bakery (yes, i said a bakery. one that also sells ice cream and cheese i might add) in aranguez. the flavour is insane though. the right balance of flavour and fire.

in with that.

then some butter. not too particular with that, but sunflower does the trick.

here come the regulars. all purpose seasoning...

a little black pepper...

and some garlic powder.

the next step is to take a knife and whip it into a paste. this is where the fine shred becomes important. i like a smooth cheese paste, and the fine shred helps create that quite quickly.

then i cut some bread up in strips. the olives??

i cut them up too. just sliced the meat of the seeds.

next, spread that cheesy goodness on the bread.

to ensure maximum olive in each bite, i packed the olives directly on the cheese paste.

after that comes the obvious layering... cutting into squares (yip. that's why i cut them into strips in the first place.) and a few toothpicks later...

daz it!

dawi sampled...

spanna sampled...

thumbs up across the board.

easy like dat.

leh we bubble.


  1. Q dred, you making me feel for a cheese paste sandwich now, haha! And I thought I was the only one that put onion in my mix, haha!
    Hey, remember the days when cheese paste was fancy and got food colouring and thing? Red cheese paste, green cheese paste...
    Anyhow, I going and make a "two sandwich" dey, only I using the Swiss Roasted Garlic mayo, lol!
    Love de blog, man! Take it easy. :-)

  2. Flavoured Mayo... blasphemy!!!!

  3. every now and again yuh duz hadda rely on a quick fix dawi. hahaha!!! daz small ting.

    yeah halcy. de thought of colouring run through muh mind eh. but ah forgot to look for some at the grocery. thanks doh.

  4. I say.. make the sandwich first and then cut it in strips and for goodness sake! use already pitted olives.. lol

  5. and oh.. I don't like tangy cheesepaste so I usually put a bit of honey or brown sugar..yummm..

  6. HONEY???? daz a sweet an sour kinda ting?
    i'll try that, but i wouldn't like it. i don't like most sweet and sour things. is like... make up yuh mind!! yuh sweet or yuh sour??

  7. Honey or Brown Sugar... dat is a bess addition dey

  8. Instead of normal mustard, try honey mustard.

    I personally wouldn't do it, since I like my tangy cheese paste. I also like my veggies and mih lil crunch.