Saturday, July 10, 2010


anyone that really knows me will know that i love me some soup. i'm a fan of pretty much any kind of soup. i mean, what's not to like about something you can drink and eat at the same time? that's good stuff if you ask me. so it would only follow logically that a place dedicated to making soup would get a mention on my blog. hence this entry about a little establishment i discovered a few months ago called SOUP SUPREME. I found it in el socorro on william street. actually, half a block away from the "roti factory" i talked about in a previous entry. i went to this soup haven a few times. enough times to be convinced that they can produce a consistently tasty soup.

on this particular occasion, i had the cow heel soup. having only sampled the cow heel and the fish broth before, i think i was wrong for neglecting to explore the other menu offerings in favour of enjoying one of my favourites. (i'm a cow heel man by day and a fish broth man by night.) their range is decent, presenting cow heel soup as pictured above, fish broth as mentioned before, ox tail soup, beef soup, vegetable soup, corn soup, calaloo soup, chicken soup and the house special. (i won't take away the joy of you going and asking what the house special is for yourself.)

i tried my best to capture how well seasoned this soup is with my less-than-professional camera skills for you all. but trust me, it's all about loads of fresh seasoning including generous amounts of the famous shadon beni. i inquired about their ingredients and was quite pleased when they told me they use very little oil and didn't use any golden ray, sugar, maggi or split peas powder in an effort to make a commercially viable soup. instead they use real, fresh ingredients and cook them right so you get justice. i think them there words are pretty darn reassuring.

as for value, this large cow heel soup ran me $35. now i usually take my soup sans provision and dumplings. just my preference, but they have all the bells and whistles. actually, they dropped in two little pieces of corn for me this time just for so. however, look at the generous portion of cow heel that ends up in your bowl. this is not the first or second bowl i've purchased, and it's been the same heaping helping every time. add provision to the mix and i do believe you'll have a real challenge on your hands.

i took mine away and enjoyed it the way i prefer to enjoy meals... at home in comfort. but they actually have a nice, clean space with tables and chairs where you can sit and enjoy your meal. and though i've never seen a thick crowd there as opposed to a steady flow of customers, the place is big enough that even with a line, your dining experience shouldn't be compromised.

i'd say, if you're in the area, or you're in the mood for a nice soup, SOUP SUPREME is definitely worth a try.

new addition to the menu. lamb soup.

yes... lamb. as in mary had a little one. call me uninformed, but that's the first time i've heard about lamb on a soup menu. i guess you can make a soup with anything, but lamb soup is not something you would see for sale very often. if you like lamb, this is your soup. if you're baidawi, it's not. it's my new fav though. they don't have it all the time, so you have to ask for it and keep your fingers crossed.

the lamb is properly well pressure cooked, so it is tender (as all the other meats at this joint are), and the broth has the trademark seasoned taste that makes it difficult to go to the patraj around the corner, even for a roti lover like me. and yeah, yuh know the portions that we dealin with.

one more reason to check out this spot.


  1. yes yes! Last decent cow heel I had was at Yarna's, located opposite the town hall on Fredrick Street. The serving was wholesome but the soup lil too salty for my liking. Supreme will get the test soon!

  2. hmmmm... will give them a try and see what they working with.

  3. i don't know how i forgot to mention it to you all before. especially when i saw the vegetable soup, i was thinkin "but dis place like dey hear bout dawi?!" i would describe the taste as home style.

    i forgot to mention something important in the entry. i was trying to find out their opening hours. they said they have soup ready by 10, but they were unable to give a definite closing time. they averaged between 3:30 and 4pm. that means they open until they sell out. which is assurance of fresh soup everyday.

    excited to hear your ratings.

  4. Boy, fix them common "i's" nah. And that being said, I discovered long ago, a soup can lash greatly without maggi, golden ray and WTF, dhal powder??? FRESH DHAL BOY!!

  5. yeah! you always support no golden ray randy. i stop using it as well. that soup however was de final straw. ah know fuh sure now dat yuh doh need it at all. yes horse, dhal powder. real people duz use dat apparently due to cost effectiveness.

    fix de "i"??? dis is yuh first time on this blog or what? i doh use capital letters willy nilly.