Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wrappers delight

i've been doing a little healthy eating these days. no doctor's orders or anything like that. i just thought that it was time to pay some more attention to how i treat my body. so i decided that from time to time i'll make some quick little snacks like these cabbage wraps that my friend ellese put me on to (remember the name, it will come back up in a post soon to come) and share them with you all. they're quite easy to make, tasty and a lot more filling than they might look. not to mention the appreciation some of my fellow bloggers like debfit and happiness is a size 6 might have for items more like these.

lets season up some minced meat shall we? a very basic seasoning process... nothing too fancy. a little onion and garlic.

a little salt. i put some salt in a bottle that had some all purpose seasoning in it... was just a thought.

then a proper shaking of ginger, black pepper, paprika and italian seasoning. i usually season meat the day or night before i use it. this time, it did an overnight in the fridge, and it went on the fire the next morning.

While the meat took a little last minute soak, i put some water in a small pot and brought it to a boil. why?

to blanch a cabbage dear henry, dear henry, dear henry. there was a time when i thought that taking cabbage leaves off the core was simply a job of patience. not really the case. you HAVE to blanch it. it's impossible! fuh real! blanching the leaves makes them wilt a bit, then they come right off and become way more manageable. you should get a big pot and cover the cabbage with water though. do as i say... not as i do.

while the leaves are peeling off from the core is a good time to start cooking the meat. i've always been concerned about the amount of oil minced beef releases. for that reason, i don't use oil or even cooking spray when cooking it. just drop it in a pan and let it spring its own juices. it tastes fine just like that anyway.

by the time the meat is cooked, the leaves would have been blanched and ready to be filled. and there it is. pack in the beef, then drizzle some pepper sauce and honey mustard on it. and top it off with some cheddar cheese. next time i think i'll try a few pickle slices or maybe some tangy pico de gallo or some salsa.

leh we bubble healthy.


  1. I like. Blanch the cabbage. Thanks for that. I learn something new every day. If you like olives, that would work too.

  2. olives might be nice fuh real. season and cook the meat a la pastelle. capers as well.

  3. I cyar endorse this.

    Yuh should put de mincemeat between two chicken that is a meal to die for.

  4. *sings* "dear henry, dear henry, dear henry" hahahaha...

    but seriously...I second, third and fourth that notion of not using oil to fry the beef, esp if you have a non-stick pan. It's nothing to do with being a health junkie - the oil is really just unnecessary.

  5. I will try this for sure and add some jalapenos to it.