Saturday, July 31, 2010

a lil something about sweet nothings

i've always wondered what sweet nothings were and why one would whisper them into an ear. well one saturday morning, i got the best explanation to date. sweet nothings is the name of a fantastic little business that produces eye catching edible arrangements in tacarigua. seems like they've really been whispering, because i never heard anything about this operation before. and i've been in a few situations in which a fresh fruit arrangement would have been an easy and timely solution.

i guess i'm not the only one with that need, because when marklan and melissa moseley did a few arrangements for some friends and relatives, the responses were very positive. the question "so how much yuh will charge for one of these?" took it to another level. soon the business was born.

so what's different about sweet nothings? off the top, the location. not talking about the area. i'm talking about the fact that they literally have a store. this translates into a lot of consumer benefits like the ability to make same day orders for pick up or delivery. yes! they deliver!

but on to the sweet stuff. they actually started doing candy arrangements like the ones we got. (thanks again folks!)

but their main focus now is fruit arrangements. fresh fruits worked up into attractive designs.

great for birthdays, anniversaries or just to say "i'm thinking about you". people are even using them as center pieces on tables at wedding receptions and functions. they're much tastier than flowers, but just as eye catching.

and with what seems to be an ever changing list of containers to select from, you can customize your order to suit virtually anything. you might have a problem if you want to send an arrangement for bachak day, but if you're celebrating bachak day, you might have bigger issues than finding an appropriate gift.

the deal maker for me though... the chocolate covered strawberries. milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate. dat iz what we talkin about! just ask dawi. it was his first time eating a strawberry. i guess there are few places better to have a first experience like that.

another spot i was pleased to find. i still don't think i'll be whispering any sweet nothings soon, but i'm more than sure i would be eating some sweet nothings in the near future. check them out online right here

leh we bubble.


  1. Yep, first time eating a strawberry. Popped my strawberry cherry right there... twas a very pleasurable experience. I Must say, I'm very impressed with the whole operation and I am not easily impressed.

    Good stuff!

  2. Thanks Guys, we really enjoyed having you here! You're welcome back anytime and we just might have something else to sweeten up those taste buds :)

  3. I will be visiting there for sure. Thanks for the heads up Q.

  4. That right up the road from me. Will check them out soon!!!!!!!!

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