Thursday, August 5, 2010


some say the only thing to mix a guinness with is more guinness. some say the only thing a guinness should be poured into is a mouth. some drink it straight out of the case. some need it beastly cold. me? i say to hell with your rules! (what else is new right?) i started drinking guinness the same time i started working on their ad campaigns some years ago. since that time, i've done all sorts of things with guinness. some were successful and others, well... not all that successful. check out some of them:

guinness and ice cream. vanilla preferably. spruced up with a lil creme de menthe and a dash of something secret that i probably shouldn't sell out. think about the flavours and you should figure it out. It's kinda thick and has the potential to end a night prematurely. but one scoop and a guinness can make 2 servings.

guinness and red wine. there's this little hole-in-the-wall wine shop on henry street port of spain. (a spot i shall have an entry for pretty soon) the wines there are great. some of them are purposely sweeter than what you would normally find around. we were takin a lime there one time when some guinness slipped into some wine. the rest was history. we went in during daylight and came out in a much darker port of spain, heavily affected by the creeper that is wine. but long and short, it tasted really good. however, a dry wine (as unfortunately pictured above) DOES NOT taste good at all. no lashability there.

guinness and black russian. this one goes way back. dawi named it a darkie for obvious reasons. the black russian is basically kahlua and vodka, so it has a dark, rich chocolate taste. quite potent that little drink. i've seen it buckle knees before. you get the black russian, sip some out of it, then add a little guinness. repeat. sip and add until it's all done. you would usually drink two black russians to one guinness.

so, try them... don't try them... post some creations of your own... or not. it's all good. more mixed guinness for me.

leh we bubble... i mean... leh we brew.

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