Friday, August 13, 2010

Fish & Fries Remix... A Quick Fix!

Yesterday I passed by PriceSmart to get some boneless chicken breasts... lo and behold they did not have any. What's the point of opening your establishment for business when you are not prepared?!!! So I got the next best thing in lieu of the divine breasts... Fish Fillets! Basa Fillets to be specific.

I had so many ideas in my head, so many plans for these fillets but even the most elaborate of plans are subject to change. So I concocted a quick fix for the fam. The perfect meal to prepare at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon, fish and fries!

Now my father isn't big on fried foods and these days I'm trying to monitor the things I eat. After watching Food Inc i've become a bit paranoid about the food I consume... but just a little bit though. As an aside, I would like to encourage people to BUY LOCAL. Meats and vegetables especially.

Okay lets get down to it... unfortunately I didn't take any pics of the process so you're just going to have to use your imagination for visual effects. I put some olive oil in a baking dish then added some orange juice. Not a whole glass of orange juice, just enough for the fish to wade around in. Then I added a pinch of salt and some black pepper, cut up a small onion and some ginger and added a few stems of thyme. Then I placed the fish in this bath and added a leaf of spanish thyme and a slice of lime on each fillet.

I preheated the oven at 350 degrees and placed the dish in with a cover on top so the heat will get trapped inside the dish, allowing all the juices and flavors to have a field day.

Now on to our fries... I cut um some potato.... (yeah right). Its Friday afternoon.. who going to cut up potato to fry now?!! Not me!!! I picked up some seasoned wedges at Price Smart also... I tossed a few of them into a baking tray and put that in the oven as well. This is a QUICK FIX, no long drawn out frying process here.

About half hour later I had perfectly cooked Basa Fillets in a citrusy bath and a few seasoned wedges baked to perfection. A quick and tasty dish that can be remixed in many ways.

Take a shot at it and give it your own spin!


  1. hmmmm... interesting.
    think i'll try this without the citrus, but season the olive oil bath with more herbs. bake it low and slow, then finish it open pan under the broiler for a darker colour. then put the lime on the plate to squeeze over the fish. i like it for a proper meal, with some rice, lentils and a fresh salad.