Tuesday, August 31, 2010

THE HALAL GRILL KITCHEN... value fuh money

i've been going by "de muslim an dem" for quite some time, but never got a chance to take proper pics and document it. that could be because when i think about going there i'm usually very hungry and looking for a lot of food. blogging is the last thing on my mind. this place is on the aranguez road, close to the eastern main road side. as soon as you enter aranguez and you pass the new gas station on your left, it's the next spot with all the cars piled up on both sides of the road and crowds of people standing on the side walk. if that fails, just find the NP and follow your nose.

but tonight, lester passed through with a hankering for some grilled food. so with a clear mind, i grabbed the camera and went out. luckily, the usual army of people was not present. probably trying to see some fireworks in town.

i like the fact that you can see the operation. always a plus in my books. that way you can see how they work and point out anything suspect.

the variety is what you'd expect. chicken, fish, beef, lamb and shrimp. all tasty. lester's favorite is the lamb.

the grill was blazing tonight. they usually deliver quickly, but the lack of crowd super charged it. i hardly even had time to talk to the guys on duty as i usually do. before long...

BOOM! $50 worth of food. this could comfortably feed 2. 3 even. the lamb is all over the top, but this combo has steak fries, fresh salad and a dinner roll of small sandwich worthiness.

what's bbq without sauce, right? there's bbq, honey bbq, honey mustard, shadon beni sauce, garlic sauce... the full run. lester takes full advantage of this.

but back to the size of this thing. to give you an idea of how much food you get, they have bags and RUBBER BANDS on the counter, because the boxes don't close without the help of a rubber band.


iz no joke meal. not for the fragile. it's an undertaking.

however, in this instance... conquered!

a nice bbq indeed. well worth a try.


  1. They need to add a boneless breast to their array of goodies for it to make sense for me to patronize that establishment. But the aroma emanating from the premises is always very inviting.

  2. my bad kayode... directions coming.

  3. It's 11.40 on a Sunday night and you making me hungry! :(

  4. wonder what kind of fish they use? Shall go trekking.

  5. yeah. kayode was tellin mih. ah was braksin.

  6. rite wrong d corner from by me... d chicken is a robery deal... some real small leg and thigh these days... buh dem sauces boy...

  7. I love this place.. and the lamb is a definite winner.. Tender and tasty. Value all round.

  8. i love Halal King!!! nice n saucy too!!!