Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wrap-A-Daps: Introducing, The B3C Burrito.

Chinyere and myself took a moment to contemplate dinner today. Soup was one suggestion, dumpling another then I remembered that I had two packs of wheat Wrap-A-Daps in my fridge doing nothing. Obviously my first suggestion was that we get some boneless, skinless breasts from the grocery and a few veggies then while we were perusing the aisles in the supermarket I got an idea... "Why don't we make Burritos?!!!" Chinyere was like "hmmmmm... interesting.... what do we need?"

  • Chicken Breasts, check
  • Sweet Peppers, check
  • Onions, check
  • Lettuce, check
  • Black Olives, check
  • Tomatoes, check
  • Cucumbers, check
  • Pepperjack Cheese, check
  • Black Beans...
Chinyere paused when I said black beans, frowned at the idea then... eureka! "Why don't we use baked beans instead?" And thus the Baked Beans & Barbecue Chicken (B3C) Burrito was born.

So let's jump right into it. I put the baked beans on the stove, seasoned it with basil and shadon beni for a little extra flavor. Meanwhile the chicken was being boiled with grated ginger, shadon beni, onions, salt and black pepper. I boiled the chicken because of time constraints. If you have your chicken pre seasoned then there's no need for this step, go right ahead and place your chicken in a tray, drizzle with Olive Oil then coat with Barbecue Sauce and pop that right into the oven.

All the steps after this point are very straightforward.

Start prepping your ingredients.

Of course, there's no need to stick to the ingredients we used, you can create your own blend.

Kiss Wrap-A-Daps... a definite winner!

Things are starting to shape up.

Ah yes, the chicken... mmmhmm good.

Final touch, the baked beans.

Now this is the tricky part... folding the Burrito! We learned the hard way that folding a Burrito takes a certain amount of skill. After preparing four of these bad boys it was quite evident that we needed much more practice at it to get it right. If you have a technique you can share with us please do.

After we fold, they go into a non stick frying pan to be lightly toasted on each side.

And there you have it... the B3C Burrito.

Don't be afraid to experiment with this one... Sky's The Limit!!!

In the words of Quincy... "leh we bubble!"



    folding the wrap has plenty to do with how much filling you put in it. but usually, once yuh flap reaches over to the other side, yuh in de game. what helps as well is a foreman grill. wrap de wrap, leave it folds upward and put it in the foreman like a panini press. almost like ironing it into place.

    things usually don't get me hungry from looking at them just so, but this is not the case here. i could eat one of them right now!!

  2. yeah I feel that press or foreman grill is the real deally yo.

    we have more of these to conduct within a timing

  3. ah can't do it yet because of my restrictions right now, but i already constructed in my head the Blazing CFS Wrap... yuh go like it!! hahaha

  4. I wondering if corn would fit this scene...

  5. Kayode I was going to add corn too but didnt bother. But corn is a real nice addition.... real nice.

    For the seafood lovers yuh could even throw some shrimp into the mix!